Be a hero with GoPro

A few years ago, as I was skiing with friends, I saw one guy with a very weird thing attached to his helmet, a GoPro. It was a small camera that looked kinda ridiculous in its encasing with all those metal bolts and this fragile looking mount.

However, this guy insisted that it took awesome video and suggested I check it out. I couldn’t wait to get back home, open my browser and type the magic words ‘gopro camera’.

My senses were flooded with all those surfing, skiing, and even diving! Videos, that had this awesome quality and awesome wide-angle view. I spent hours watching all those videos until I actually believed that this small camera was doing it.

Next stop was, where I realized that it might be small, but it had quite the price tag. I convinced myself that I do not lead an active enough life to really need something like a GoPro, at least not enough to justify its price.

A few months back I was looking through eBay, looking for a cheap gadget, on which to spend my monthly ’10-dollar-cheap-gadget-purchase-on-ebay-budget’ when I saw this camera called SJ4000, which was supposed to be an affordable GoPro alternative, that would steel give awesome quality. Plus it was quite cheap as well. So I purchased it and after four weeks it came. Total rip-off! It took horrible low-quality low-res video. Apparently someone made a fake of the replica. I was quite mad.

So I opened our own local and realized that the cheap edition of the GoPro was actually 90 euros! Now it’s 140, but this was due to the USD exchange rate fluctuations back then.

18 hours later I had it in my hands. And it was epic!

It’s been 3 months now and it’s still epic!

Me and a pal, we were throwing a party, and we decided to make a video invitation. I used the video footage from our last two trips this spring and I love watching the result. You can check it out here, my first video shot with my GoPro Hero and edited with their GoPro Studio.

Having a GoPro has changed the way I experience some things. People say that filming everything deprives you of the experience. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong! Having the camera mounted on my helmet while driving a kart is awesome and lets me show the experience to others. Swimming with it on my head lets me revisit some beautiful underwater places later one. Honestly, I can’t wait till the next ski season!

To recap, I simply want to mention GoPro’s slogan ‘Be a Hero’. It needs no explanation or interpretation. It’s simple and true to the last letter.

You can just use a GoPro as a dash cam, or you can truly make yourself a hero!

The choice is yours.

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