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Howdy, my faithful readers! …all 5 of you!

It’s been a while since my last post, but believe me, I have a good reason for not writing for some time. I’ve told you before that I used to work as a financial auditor and spend most of my waking hours at work.

I left this way of life behind me in October last year, when I quit and went into mobile apps, web dev, graphics, video and pretty much anything else that makes me happy.

However, I had an interesting and totally new experience in the beginning of January.

I had just ended with the festivities and spent a few days skiing with a friend of mine, when my phone rang one Saturday. It was someone from my old firm, asking if it’s OK with me to help a client of the firm with some financial consulting. I admit it was quite pleasing to be contacted by a past audit client of mine for something like that. I agreed and went back to Sofia for a few weeks to do the project. It was quite interesting and refreshing to be back in a suit and spend 10+ hours a day in front of Excel. I got to work with some ex-colleagues, but now I was on the other side of the table… being the ‘almighty’ consultant.

The experience provided me with a totally different perspective on what I used to do for the past 4 years. I stirred up some questions in my head, mainly about networking and keeping track of the progress of people I’ve engaged with over the years, and keeping track of my own progress.

So I decided to make a short recap of how far I’ve traveled on my path since I quit my audit job last October. To be honest, at first I was kinda depressed, felt like I’ve done nothing but procrastinate and waste time on silly ‘projects’.

Right now I am struggling to wrap-up the MVP (minimum viable product) for my first app – Plan D.

Right now it’s supposed to let you create categories and various tasks that need to be done within those categories. Future versions will have other functionalities, including a social side of things. However, announced last month that they’re stopping their service in January 2017. As I am using their services for all my projects, I consider it quite necessary to find another solution. In the days to come I will be trying to run a server with parse’s open source server code (available on git). I’ve never run a server and just today learned what Heroku is, so this should be an interesting experience as well.

Anyway, I decided to publish with backend and switch to self hosted solution later on, with a major update release of the app. But I need to publish, as I am starting to procrastinate due to the fact that I start to consider some features not very good or not perfect. Which reminded me of a really awesome quote from when I used to do my summer sales program with The Southwestern Company in Colorado, USA.

Procrastination is the mother of all failure.

Go share that on twitter 🙂

I’ve no idea who was it that said it, and I didn’t feel like doing the research, as it’s the meaning itself that matters most in this case.

I had started thinking about dropping some of my current projects, to make room for others… but now I realise this is not the way to go. This is not the right answer, which is mainly so because I am asking the wrong questions. I’ve been asking the wrong questions for quite some time now. I’ve been focusing on growing fast, starting many projects, constantly thinking about my next ‘big’ idea. Instead, what I should’ve done was focus on every next small idea that popped into mind. Waiting for a ‘big break’ is devoid of all meaning, it’s pointless and if you stop and think about it, there’s no such thing. We should pursue every viable idea that lands on our minds. And that’s what I’ll be doing from now on.

I really have no idea why did I felt like sharing all these ramblings, I guess I needed to clarify things for myself.

Anyway, I am cutting this post as it started to bloat up too much.

Oh, almost forgot. Plan D should be available by the end of February.

For now, you can go and like the Facebook page (it’s on the side and the pop-up 😀 ).

Have a great one!

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