Rafting adventures in Bosnia and Monte Negro [VIDEO]

Hey Guys!

I thought about apologising for not writing for so long, pretty sure all my 7 subscribers were unhappy about that. Sadly, I had a really busy first half of the year. Well, not sadly to be honest. I had an amazing first half of the year with loads of skiing and lots of travelling. And lots of hard work as well. I’ve been placed in charge of the statutory and internal reporting for the group of entities at my job and it’s been challenging. Challenging yet rewarding. Gained new knowledge and experience and practised consolidations and reporting really well. I like working with deadlines. You get to be done with it and enjoy yourself afterwards. Continue reading...

Customer satisfaction done right – GoPro

Hi guys, today I wanna share a little customer satisfaction story with you.

As some of you might remember, my first post in this blog was about GoPro and their entry-level HERO camera, that I bought back in the beginning of 2015. It was a nice camera, it went through a lot with me, but last month it broke. I was on a ski trip in the French Alps and decided to mount the camera on the tip of my right ski, so that it’d capture myself for a change. Sadly, it went wrong and the mounting thingies on the bottom of the camera housing broke off. If you are familiar with the model I am talking about, it looks like this and the camera cannot be taken out of the housing. Continue reading...

Be a hero with GoPro

A few years ago, as I was skiing with friends, I saw one guy with a very weird thing attached to his helmet, a GoPro. It was a small camera that looked kinda ridiculous in its encasing with all those metal bolts and this fragile looking mount.

However, this guy insisted that it took awesome video and suggested I check it out. I couldn’t wait to get back home, open my browser and type the magic words ‘gopro camera’.

My senses were flooded with all those surfing, skiing, and even diving! Videos, that had this awesome quality and awesome wide-angle view. I spent hours watching all those videos until I actually believed that this small camera was doing it. Continue reading...