Welcome to Unity Engine… You are going to love it here!

Today I want to share my journey in falling in love with the Unity game development environment. I will start far off but it’s important to understand the source of my game dev passion, so bearย with me.

So as you know, I have this artistic side project called Maina Creatures (Link). I started it a year ago with a friend of mine, but what you see published over there is pretty much created by me. Back in last October we started this, I also quit my well paid Big 4 financial auditor job (can’t get enough of sharing this…) and went back to my home town to pursue my (undefined) dreams. I left finance behind and went into mobile apps for iOS. After publishing PlanD and LemonQuotes (you can check those out in the menu above if you like) I really wanted to start designing a game. Continue reading...

Lemon Quotes – Daily thought sharing. Reinvented. Get FREE on the App Store!

Hi there!

It’s been some time since I launched Plan D – Daily planning. Reinvented. I’ve been working hard on a freelance project doing a financial audit, so lately I haven’t had the time to post here. But in the meantime I managed to push my new app through App Store Review. And here it is! Live ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s an app that lets you easily share beautiful images with famous people’ quotes on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can download it on the App Store. It’s absolutely free! No ads! No in-app purchases! Continue reading...

Stories on facebook with Swift 2 and imgur API

Hi there, long time no posts on my behalf… I do apologise! But before we get to swift-ing, let me overshare ๐Ÿ™‚

I did some freelancing for my last employer, I also published my app Plan D and even released two more versions with bug fixes. This being my first time, it was a journey. But it was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

So, now I am working on my next project and past few days I’ve tackled social network image sharing. It’s been… character building, to say the least!

As all my 5 readers know, I code for iOS and use Swift as a language of choice. Apparently nobody in Instagram or Facebook or pretty much any other social network ever thought that someone might develop for iOS using Swift, not knowing Objective C. When I opened the Facebook developers’ docs, I found everything I needed, in a language I do not use. I know, there are a few translators available, but Swift is evolving so fast, that half the methods you can find in ObjC tutorials for facebook posts are deprecated already. It took me 2 days to figure out a practical way, so I am putting it up here, for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading...

My noob guide to custom UI elements with Swift in iOS 9

As some of you might know, I recently quit my job as a financial auditor in Big 4 and went on to explore my aspirations with mobile app dev. You can laugh, most do… but now and then there’s someone who actually gets me, someone who even admires my decision. I no longer have the patience to discuss with every single person the exact WHY behind my decision… for most of them quitting a well paid job = suicide… for me the freedom to write this blog post at noon on a working day = freedom. Continue reading...