SumoMe and WordPress – a recipe for success!

Hi there,

another tech tutorial planned for today.

I guess many of you are running their own websites, be it a small business, a portfolio, a blog, or some product landing page.

I would also guess that most of those are ran on WordPress (or similar platform).

Today I want to share about an amazing bundle of web apps that can help you exponentially grow the traffic you get on your website.

Ever heard of SumoMe?! Their website claims it in the headline – ‘SumoMe – The Best Website Traffic Tools’, and then their landing page has this huge title ‘Tools to Grow Your Website’s Traffic’. Quite the claim I though when I first landed there (see what I did with landed and landing page :P). Continue reading...

youzign – You are the designer

I was browsing (on the web, not outside…) the other day and eventually the dreadful moment came for me to go through my mailbox. I had not gotten the chance to do that for a few days, so I was procrastinating going through all the newsletters I am subscribed for. I did that and noted a few interesting gadgets and services, that I marked as future (not-going-to-happen) reading material. Then I decided to check my newly registered and still exciting twitter account.

Someone had tweeted about this thing called Youzign. What caught my attention was the article’s heading: “Why I ditched Photoshop and why you should too”… or something like this. I do not remember the website (otherwise I would quote it here), but anyone claiming that Photoshop is replaceable deserves a nice laugh. I actually never read the article, I went directly to, as that’s what I wanted to investigate! Continue reading...