Lemon Quotes – Daily thought sharing. Reinvented.

If you use social media on your iPhone, you’ve probably wanted to publish famous people’s quotes at some point. Finding the right quote, finding a free to use image and putting the text on it can be quite challenging when using only a hand-held device. I know it was for me!

That’s why I created Lemon Quotes – Daily thought sharing. Reinvented.

It’s a simple app that has a three step workflow.
1) Pick an image and position it (can be one of many free images preloaded within the app, or you can use any image you like)
2) Pick a quote from a desired category or just pick a random one, set it’s font, size, position and colour; or type in any text you like!
3) Export the image and directly share it to facebook, instagram, twitter and other social media.

Here, check out some screenshots!



Or take a look at how it works:


That’s it! Easy and fast to use.


So go on, download it and have some fun with it, maybe even drop me a message with some suggestions how to grow the app!

And don’t forget to check out the Privacy Policy.

Also, feel free to drop me a line, share your thoughts or ideas about this app, on i[at]brotherlemon[dot]com.