Maina Creatures – my ‘artsy’ side project

Hi there, it’s been some time since my last post.

As I mentioned in it (at least I think I did…) I recently started an interesting ‘artsy’ project with a friend of mine.

I am talking about the Maina Creatures facebook page (CLICK HERE!) and website (CLICK HERE!).

But let me back up a bit… we were inspired by seeing a few such pages being launched in Bulgaria, so no claim over the idea on our behalf. We saw it, we liked it, we researched it… turns out this started a few years back in New York. While the idea behind other such pages in Bulgaria is to create a brand and perhaps monetize on it, we have a slightly different idea. We want to engage the people as much as possible. That’s why we started it of as a joke and as a way to escape the everyday ‘grey’. And we intend on going forward that way.

The idea is to generate some Creatures and place them around Plovdiv, using our own photography and own drawings. Well, most of the drawings are inspired from somewhere, but I do not consider this a problem, since they resemble nothing and are just fiction art.

We also want to connect every character with a background story, to build every creature up into a distinctive member of ‘society’.

At this moment we have barely a few fans above 250 that like us on facebook. We are doing our best to be engaging and funny and hope that we will gather more followers that will become active part of our Maina Creatures community.

Our main character for now is Slancho. He was our first creature and he’s also a very happy guy that is featured in most of our imagery.

And this is how it all started…


And then he was features in many roles… a bartender, a business person, a Star Wars character and (still not published, spoiler!) Santa Claus.


Apart from Slancho, we also have a few other additions to our Creatures Set, supposed to play key roles in the future development of Maina Creatures.

We are still at the start, but I wanted to share the experience, as it has been further apart than anything I’ve done so far than I expected. Having a side project that has so little to do with what I usually do has proven to be a blessing. It’s the best place to escape when I am frustrated at work or am feeling generally under the weather and have no motivation for anything.

I will leave with just a few spoiler alerts for the future of Maina Creatures. We are now in the planning stage of a web app (and mobile later) that we want to develop that will help users be much more engaged in the community than by just liking stuff on facebook. But that’s as much as I will say. Also, stay tuned for our competition in January 🙂

There will be presents… 😉

P.S. We are really trying to grow our community and we don’t spam at all… so, why not invite your friends and family to like our page and subscribe on our website… sharing is caring after all 🙂

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