Rafting adventures in Bosnia and Monte Negro [VIDEO]

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I thought about apologising for not writing for so long, pretty sure all my 7 subscribers were unhappy about that. Sadly, I had a really busy first half of the year. Well, not sadly to be honest. I had an amazing first half of the year with loads of skiing and lots of travelling. And lots of hard work as well. I’ve been placed in charge of the statutory and internal reporting for the group of entities at my job and it’s been challenging. Challenging yet rewarding. Gained new knowledge and experience and practised consolidations and reporting really well. I like working with deadlines. You get to be done with it and enjoy yourself afterwards.

What happened during this time? I started working on a new game, started piano lessons, sent off two close friends into their marriage with an amazing wedding (and bachelor party), embarked on a small business journey with a friend of mine, went rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited Budapest, started vlogging. Simply trying to keep myself busy.

If you are by any chance following the vlog I started recently, you probably heard me talk about going rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina last month and breaking my GoPro protective lens. I’m done with the complaining about that and after all the other travel and work, I finally decided to share some thoughts and share the vlogging entry about that.

As I’m writing this the vlog was released more than a week ago, you can check it out below. And don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂

Getting there

Two months ago me and a colleague of mine were looking at a discounted package to go rafting for 2 days on the Drina & Tara in Monte Negro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was 200 euro with transport, accommodation, equipment, food, everything pretty much included (safe for drinks). A pretty sweet deal! We invited my friend Georgi (who you probably know from other posts and videos) with whom I used to work in EY and started patiently waiting for the 21st of May to arrive. Embarking on a trip is always fun, but spending 14 hours in a bus is not. The roads that lead to the Rafting Center Tara’s location become smaller and smaller and less well-kept. At the end the bus is literally driving on the edge of the cliff. But that’s not what catches your breath. The view is amazing. Worth being on the edge for!

We arrive late (and quite drunk). The three of us had a bottle of Honey Jim Beam and a few beers on the road. That’s what made it a nice experience. Huge dinner is placed in front of us and we devour it hungrily while taking in the beautiful surroundings. The Rafting Center is situated on the bank of the river, with a terrace over the river, with tables, hammocks and a huge fire in the middle of the ‘cafeteria’.

We go to bed and wake up early in the morning. Fresh air helps you catch enough Z’s faster. Our ‘room’ is incredible. All wood, smells fresh and clean, and is as big as my car. Here we are!

Rafting it is

It’s now time to suit up and go rafting!

Here we are, ready to conquer the stream! From left to right this would be my friend and current colleague Toshko, me and my friend and ex-colleague Georgi.

We are armed with GoPro’s, beer and good mood. First we are loaded in the busses again and transported from Bosnia & Herzegovina to Monte Negro. It’s where the rafting starts. And what’s even more awesome? We cross back the border while rowing in the river! During the exercise itself it’s not very easy to take photos, but at least the cameras are rolling.

Bathing time

There’s a spot in the middle of the way down where we stop for rest and a cold waterfall shower.

To be honest, it’s kinda hard to convey the incredible sense of accomplishment I felt after the rafting, or to try to explain how refreshed, invigorated, inspired and ‘back-to-basics’ it made me feel.

Blue suede shoes on

Exercise is good for your health. Rafting involves lots of proper breathing, rowing hard, which really stretches out your back and is a great workout. However, experiencing it with friends in this magical place is a completely different thing. It soothes your soul, cleanses your spirit and prepares you to conquer the world afterwards.

Or instead of conquering the world, you can probably just chill in one of the many hammocks on the river bank.

I really suggest you go check their website http://www.raftingtara.com/ and plan a trip there. You won’t regret it!

After two awesome days with this gang of Bulgarians it’s time to head back home. A bottle of Jack accompanies us on our travels with the busses.. all the way back home. 14 hours of singing and laughing and having fun… that’s what I remember. I think I should stop here, but not before showing you the gang that helped me nimbly navigate the Drina-Tara streams.

Bye Guys!

That’s it for now, guys. Thank you for reading. You can now enjoy the video. But before you go, maybe you want to keep in touch? Drop me a line in the comments below or at i @ brotherlemon . com, or connect on social.

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