SumoMe and WordPress – a recipe for success!

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another tech tutorial planned for today.

I guess many of you are running their own websites, be it a small business, a portfolio, a blog, or some product landing page.

I would also guess that most of those are ran on WordPress (or similar platform).

Today I want to share about an amazing bundle of web apps that can help you exponentially grow the traffic you get on your website.

Ever heard of SumoMe?! Their website claims it in the headline – ‘SumoMe – The Best Website Traffic Tools’, and then their landing page has this huge title ‘Tools to Grow Your Website’s Traffic’. Quite the claim I though when I first landed there (see what I did with landed and landing page :P).

Screen 1 - website

But now, like an hour later I am in love with the service and can mostly say what they wrote as their tagline – it works on every site!

I’d talk from wordpress perspective as I believe that to be the most robust way to run a website on my own, and I suggest it to all my clients. Guess SumoMe just made in the list of plug-ins I suggest as well.

Let’s start it a short disclaimer. I am in no way associated with AppSumo, so please consider this post as my thoughts only and nothing approved by the guys behind

After that’s clear, lets start at the very best part about this plug-in – IT’S COMPLETELY FREE! Ok, there are features that will cost you a few bucks, but in my opinion most of the best ones and pretty much all you need, are FREE!

Anyway, let’s assume you know how to add a plug-ing to your wordpress installation and know how to register for the service (especially when the plug-in asks you to do it when installed).

How SumoMe works is pretty much it has a drawer where you can add applications from their store. There are free ones, there are paid ones, free ones are quite a lot actually!

Screen 2 - registration email

After you sign-up you get this pleasing email, telling you pretty much everything you need to know. That’s why I won’t be going into details as to how to set-up the plug-in, this is not a tutorial, plus the guys from AppSumo made a pretty impressive in-wordpress tutorial with nice ‘Next’ buttons to guide you through the setup and main functionalities.

You’d fast realise that this is one of a few plug-ins that works by hovering over, so you can do all your plug-in-ing right in your website, no need to go knee-deep in the wp-admin part of your website (thumbs up for that!).

So, let’s dive deep – you installed it, then you go to your site and have this awesome little menu on the right that when expanded wants you to login/signup.

Screen 3 - login

Then you get to SumoMe’s home drawer. This is where all apps that you have installed live. I’ve only tried a few and no paid ones yet, but definitely want to share one with you.

Screen 4 - home

Ok, no let’s go to the store to install this awesome app I want to mention.

Screen 5 - store

And now scroll to find Discover.

Screen 6 - Discover

Discover is a tremendous asset for any small website owner. The idea is that you show links to external articles beneath your content and in return you earn credits that you then use to show your content on other websites participating in this. It’s an amazing way to get more exposure and generate traffic to your website. Plus, it’s completely free!

After you open Discover you get to tweak the way it will appear on your website. You can either let it figure out where articles end and place the links below or you can copy some html and paste it in a specific place in your webpage’s code directly. I went with the automated option (and it worked great, even though I have a highly customised wordpress theme!).

Screen 8 - Discover Settings

And now that it’s all setup and activated, you can head out to your homepage and check it out! Actually, you don’t need to head out anywhere. You just need to close the hovering SumoMe plug-in and you’d be on your homepage already (how cool is that?!).

And that’s how it looks.

Screen 9 - Discover in play

OK, now go ahead and collect some credits, then place your own links in the Discover app that you want to share using the credits. That’s pretty much it.

SumoMe offers some more awesome plug-ins, so I suggest you go through their store and check out at least the free ones.

I am really amazed with Discover, no idea how it evaded me for so long. I know there are other similar options, however I’ve never found a more robust and easy-to-use one. If you have, share it in the comments below (right after my SumoMe Discover article links 😀 ) or drop me a line from the contacts page or on my e-mail,

I leave you with a nice thought about happiness…

Happines in acceptance_George_Orwell

2 thoughts to “SumoMe and WordPress – a recipe for success!”

  1. I just installed this today, and am eager to see results! I’m nervous about unsavory content possibly popping up though trough Discover, and really not too sure which is the best category to choose for optimal traffic/minimal risk.

    1. Well, there are some weird articles showing up from time to time, but so far nothing trashy that I’ve noticed. Problem for me so far is that it’s not really possible to get only moderated and high quality posts to show up in Discover. As far as categories go, try different things and see what matches your website best, that’s the best way to go I guess.

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