How to pick the right domain name when taking your first steps in web development?

Hi there, folks!

It’s been some time… First, I want to thank you all, that downloaded my new app and even went as far as to use it and share feedback with me. If you still haven’t gotten around to trying it out, now’s a great time – it’s absolutely free and lets you easily share beautiful images with motivation quotes on them on social media. You can read more about it here Lemon Quotes or you can go directly to the App Store ->

So, I am working on a course lecture right now and I had to assemble some tips for picking a quality domain name when you are yet taking your first steps in web design and development. Continue reading... is on Facebook, Plan D is coming soon!

Howdy, my faithful readers! …all 5 of you!

It’s been a while since my last post, but believe me, I have a good reason for not writing for some time. I’ve told you before that I used to work as a financial auditor and spend most of my waking hours at work.

I left this way of life behind me in October last year, when I quit and went into mobile apps, web dev, graphics, video and pretty much anything else that makes me happy.

However, I had an interesting and totally new experience in the beginning of January. Continue reading...