The magic of BW photos

For those of you that haven’t noticed… I am something of a passionate amateur photographer. I’ve enjoyed photography since my early ages, playing with my father’s old camera that was already old when I was still too young to appreciate the art of ‘snapping’. The passion that was ignited then remained and in 10th grade I got a Canon camera. It was the first high-end camera that I played with. It had so many manual settings and so much zoom that it was easy to produce awesome images. I remember that the manual focus was so awesome, that you could focus on the surface of the lens… so as you can imagine I abused the lens with various things like sugar, salt, rice, ash… horrible memory! But there was something I hated about my camera – no interchangeable lenses! That’s why in 12th grade I used all the money I had saved from birthday presents and christmas presents etc. and bought my self a Pentax K-100D, and even an extra to the kit lens 70-300 Sigma lens with stabilization! Over the next years I accumulated around 10 old lenses that I used with adapters, to produce low-quality images with poor focus. It was awesome!

Then my hobby faded as my camera slowly became deprecated.

Two years ago I decided that I deserve to restart my hobby and spent most of my ‘savings’ on a Nikon D5300 with a 18-105mm kit lens, also getting a Nikon Dx40mm 1:1 micro and a Tamron 70-300 with the awesome stabilization. Nothing special in my bag, but still a decent amateur kit. I’ve had a blast with this kit ever since!

But last year i got a Lomography Konstruktor (should write a post about that pure awesomeness) and went through 3-4 film rolls in two weeks. I haven’t used it since, but the experience left a weird itch in my hands… I was no more satisfied with digital. I needed to go back to basics and do some film. I thought about purchasing a film camera, but dismissed this as a bad investment idea. I remembered my dad’s old camera and after some treasure hunting found it covered in dust in an old cupboard. It took around 2 months to find the right people to repair it and make it working again.

Let me share some of the magic with you…

Meet Zenit.

Zenit TTL

Or, to be correct, Mr. Zenit TTL!

Apparently, the Zenit TTL had a Through The Lens metering system, instead of the before used non-coupled Selenium-cell light meter. This was considered a major improvement and helped drive the sales of the Zenit series quite a lot. Actually, I think in the 70’s the cameras were exported to more than 70 countries, which is quite impressive. Apart from that it doesn’t seem to be anything special. You can find these on the internet for 20-30 euro. It has a M42 mount, which is nice if you have old lenses at your disposal. It comes with a 44mm lens that I found is better than expected.

So, anyway… I wanted to experience the ‘old ways’… so I set out to find a nice BW film. What I managed to acquire was a Kentmere ISO 100. Needless to say, this is too low for this camera, but any way, I wanted to try it out.

I had the film done a few weeks back and requested it on digital… not sure if that was a good idea, as the pictures look quite grainy. But I actually loved the experience, so it doesn’t matter. I am attaching some of the decent shots below for your viewing pleasure. But what I really wanted to say is that sometimes we can find an inspiration source within ourselves and our memories and not even need to spend money to follow through…

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